Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catching up (Day 2)...........

So the next morning, Ashley and John-Alex are up and out for school at 7:30 in the morning. I'm jet lagged... hehehehe.... but not as bad as Matthew. Not sure what was up with the shirt on the head, but that's my boy in the morning!

I was up already, but not as early as Justin. He was raring to go... since there was snow on the ground and he wanted to play. So bundled him off and sent him on the back patio for now. The house doesn't really have a back yard right now. It's all just trees and boulders. So J played on the deck for a bit, throwing off huge chunks of snow below. Which was good since it needed to be cleaned off for the weekend party anyway, just in case the house got over crowded, or for people to go and get some air. He then went down to the yard' to try to make snow angels, but no such luck. The snow and an icy coating on it, so it didn't work out very well =(

But not due to his lack of trying, that's for sure.

I was very surprised for how long he stayed outside, but he seemed to be having a blast. Of course, I didn't bring enough pants for him to get wet everyday and throw on a new one, so as soon as he came in, off they were and hanging by the fire. It worked out well, as he put on another pair to play later on in the day and when he was ready to come back in, the first pair were dry =)

Well this day, October 30th, is also my birthday! So it was great to hang out with the family and not have to worry or stress. Just to sit and do what ever I wanted. Which was nothing! I didn't get out of my pj's and hung out and read and vegged. It was very nice. =)

Ashely though was not feeling well at school, and John needed to pick her up from school and take her to the doctor. She needed to get blood work done, so she insisted that it be her dad. =)

When she got home about lunch time, There was package that showed up for her.... FLOWERS! Seems my thoughtful, loving, considerate love sent her flowers for her confirmation on Saturday, since he couldn't make it. Oh was she smiling! And what gorgeous orchids they were. The light from Bebba's window in her dining room is awesome for pictures and they really showed how beautiful these flowers were.

Dad and Bebba showed me how to make Butternut Squash soup, which I then gobbled down 2 bowls for my lunch. YUM, YUM, YUM! I wrote the recipe down and vowed to try it out at home.

I'm really loving this soup! It was easy to make and very flavorful. Thinking it's just my new favorite dish for the fall.
Then, another knock on the door... and more FLOWERS! This time for me! hehehehehe They were awesome!

Such beautiful colors.... such beautiful flowers!
Such a wonderful man that I love! When I left PA though, they were very much still alive, so I asked Dad to take some and dry them for me so that I can remember how beautiful they always were.
While we were just hanging out, we noticed that the turkeys had come to visit again. Justin was very excited and he and John-Alex went out the deck to fee them left over stale bread to try to get them to come closer. That is one great thing about Bebba's house - all the wonderful wildlife and nature. I have yet to see the bear that comes to visit, but John has able to get some pictures of him. Just wish he'd come to visit while I'm there!

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