Thursday, October 23, 2008

woo hoo! Got my playlist posted finally. Luckily I have a greatest, mostest, wonderfulest man to help me - who just happens to be an IT god! ;)

So, to start off, I'm going to start posting so past fun from this month and getting my thoughts and information down so I won't forget for when I go to scrap, i can always refer back here.

Check back soon!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, the interview went good.... I hope. Hate that I have less confidence in myself lately. Note to self.... STOP!

Anyway, will know in a couple of days. Keeping fingers crossed.

Randy and I decided leftovers for dinner is just fine tonight with the hectic schedule. Be running around to much.

Called for the car - check! and now realized that I have a conflict... be right back....

Got that all fixed. And going to get an estimate for tires too to compare with Richeys quote. Need to get that done soon. The rains are starting big time!

Thats about it for now... just a quickie note. Be back soon!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random thoughts....

Random thoughts and checklist before bed....

  • 2nd interview tomorrow at Alpha... need to find out what to wear.
  • All kids supplies ready for tomorrow
  • Evening schedule.... PT conference, Boy Scouts. So what's for dinner?
  • Call for oil change and tire light on.
  • Call Richeys for tires.
  • Send out mail.
  • Find spot to take pictures of layouts.

Think I got it all straight in my mind.... Wonder what 'kink' will be thrown into it? ;)

First thoughts....

I love to scrapbook. I have a store... literally a store... in my home. Unfortunately I don't feel confident in my abilities. I get lulls more often then not, so have to scraplift. But then I get a burst of creativity and compose my own. But still feel that it's not good enough to get published. Thats my goal for next year.... to get a layout published in a magazine. Will be a long road I think, but I need to say that I didn't try. So.... thats my goal. And it seems that it might boost my confidence to be invited as part of a design team. Yet another reason to have a blog. So here's my promise to myself.....

  • Start a blog (DONE!)
  • Post layouts as well as journaling
  • Actually send in layouts to magazines.
  • Try out for design teams periodically

Short list..... but sooooooo hard for me to do.

Day One.......

It seems that I am behind the times.....

Time to upgrade..... time to blog.

Not to sure about this blogging thing.... writing out your thoughts, dreams.... life. The goods, the bads, the ups and downs.

Always wanted to journal. Keep a diary. Read back on what happened in my life last week, last year, last decade. Too bad I didn't. Memories fade. Lots of lost ideas, feelings, thoughts.

Maybe this will work..... maybe.

But it's time to try.