Sunday, October 19, 2008

First thoughts....

I love to scrapbook. I have a store... literally a store... in my home. Unfortunately I don't feel confident in my abilities. I get lulls more often then not, so have to scraplift. But then I get a burst of creativity and compose my own. But still feel that it's not good enough to get published. Thats my goal for next year.... to get a layout published in a magazine. Will be a long road I think, but I need to say that I didn't try. So.... thats my goal. And it seems that it might boost my confidence to be invited as part of a design team. Yet another reason to have a blog. So here's my promise to myself.....

  • Start a blog (DONE!)
  • Post layouts as well as journaling
  • Actually send in layouts to magazines.
  • Try out for design teams periodically

Short list..... but sooooooo hard for me to do.

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