Saturday, November 8, 2008

Catching up (Day 1)...........

Well it's been a hectic three weeks. But going to start off with Oct 29th and work my way through, cause well, it's my blog and I can.... =)

Our trip to PA was awesome to say the least.

We flew in on Oct 29th, which happens to be my Dad's birthday, since the flights looked better. Was hesitant at first since I'd have to take the boys out of school another day, but decided to do it anyway. It was going to be awhile that I could have a semi-vacation with the new job starting the following Tuesday.

The morning was working out great... Matt got through securty fine and headed to the Alaska flight. Justin and I got through and waited for the Contential flight..... until 10 minutes before Matt's flight was supopse to take off. He didn't have his flight benefit card. Of course, I wouldn't have it... why would I? So there goes the phone calls trying to find his father to get him one ASAP. Luckily that all worked out and he got on the flight.

The flights into Newark worked out great and Matthew landed about 45 minutes after Justin and I did. Perfect timing! In truth was thinking that there was some help with F&K on that. After taking the airbus from terminal C to terminal A and finding Matthew in the crowds (thank goodness for cell phones!), we waited for John to pick us up on the curb. He picked up an extra shift that day so that he would be at the airport anyway and not waste a good day. He drove up, with someone in the front seat with him. At first was thinking it was a coworker he was dropping off but nope.... it was DAD! WOO HOO!! What a great surprise for both of us! He didn't know either, just in case we couldn't get into town. And it was his birthday too! What a great surprise!
So the boys got to spend some time with "Pops". It's been so many years that they've seen him, that it was a good thing we were able to make it in earlier.

Debra had dinner ready for us - 2 kinds of meatlof and mashed potatotes and all the fixin's. We then sang Happy Birthday to Dad on his apple pie. It was a really great first night. We sat around and caught up and laughed. (as well as we did on the hour and half ride home from the airport!)
That pretty much ended our first day/night there are it was already past 9:00 ECT and the little ones needed to rest up.

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